[WTB] Quest M3 w/ no extras

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.
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#1: Post by spromance »

Though I was hoping to start a drum roaster build this year, have been way too busy for that to be anywhere close to materializing anytime soon.

Interested in moving to a Quest M3 from my homebuilt roaster. The reason I specified no extras (e.g. omega probes, TC4, Phidget, etc) is because I can move my thermometry and other accessories over from my current roaster, and am really just hoping to find the roaster itself for <$1000 (sans accessories that would naturally drive the price higher). Less concerned about which version Quest it is, as long as it has been taken care of and is in good working order.

I would be willing to drive for pickup to midwest states touching Michigan. Otherwise, I am happy to work out shipping with seller, as long as it can be packed safely to avoid damage.