[SOLD] Quest M3 Mk-2

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This roaster is in perfect working order. Nothing added, cut off or modified. It comes with the original accessories. There are no dents or scratches beyond the normal patina of use. It's just been cleaned, so it is ready to go.

The Mk-2 is the model with the solid drum and the trier on the right. It roasts a half-pound with ease and can do back-to-back roasts all day running off a standard 15-amp 120-Volt socket.

Included is an EricS thermocouple adapter with an Omega K-Type thermocouple (the new value was US$104.50).

Prefer to sell within Canada for ease of payment, but can ship elsewhere if we can arrange a funds transfer.

PM me your email address if interested or if you'd like additional photos.

C$1075 + shipping