[FS] PuqPress Q2 58.3mm - Gen5 latest version (Toronto)

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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This is the PuqPress Q2 Gen 5, in great working shape.
It is a heavy duty automated 58.3mm calibrated espresso tamping robot! Which automatically detects your portafilter and tamps according to your specifications.

Used non-commercially, for home use only. So barely used.
Lower end models are not as heavy duty / nice. This is rated for commercial use for unlimited amount of use per day, so should last forever in a home environment!

It's great for home use OR commercial / espresso shop / cafe / roasters where you want to ensure a consistent and level tamp every time avoiding repetitive injury strain!

It has different modes for a single tamp (speedy), double (precise) or triple tamp (I think final tamp is a lighter polishing tamp which actually works well I find) as well as a cleaning mode which drops the tamper / piston part down so you can easily wipe off any coffee grounds that may be stuck.

Works well with my ECM Double Spouted Portafilter I tried it with initially, and with my Rocket Naked portafilter which it's now adjusted for, it has a mechanism that allows you to adjust the height for different ones, so the portafilter always slides in straight and level. You can also swap out the arms, and piston for different size portafilter like 54mm I believe.

I've previously tried a similar device that was tricky to get the portafilter in the right position and would sometimes be a little off and cause it to mis-tamp. I've not yet had that happen on this, due to the much better design.

Here's a video of it in action
Sells new for over $1500 which is over $1700 CAD after taxes.
https://www.espressoplanet.com/PuqPress ... er-Q2.html

Price is $1400 $1299 CAD
My price dropped from $1500 (originally listed elsewhere).

I also have a Weber Key or HG-2 for sale.

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Also here's an Informative video for setting it up (not something you'll need to do often).