[FS] Pullman BigStep MKII tamper Wenge (+ black) (EU)

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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I'm selling a Pullman BigStep 58.5mm tamper with 2 handles : wenge wood + black stealth matte anodized. The tamper is like new, has been barely used and is sold in the original packaging with the original spacers. I would like to sell it in Europe.
To price this, I looked at the only reseller in Europe: https://www.pullman-germany.com/
They sell the BigStep with black handle for 218 euros: https://www.pullman-germany.com/en/tamp ... er=S-12565
And the Wenge handle alone for 109 euros: https://www.pullman-germany.com/en/bari ... le-i-wenge

To this, you have to add the shipping. I'm looking to sell this one for 180 euros so quite a bargain if you live in Europe.