[SOLD] Project Grinder / DRM SrL Conico Diretto 68

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For sale is a 2012 DRM SrL Conico Diretto 68 containing the DRM hybrid burr set, belt-driven.

Price: $200 OBO, does not include shipping
Payment method: Paypal, Google Pay, or Zelle
- At 38lbs, I strongly recommend continental US. It ships in its original packaging (for what that's worth!).
- Ships from 37215 if you want to do your own estimates up front.
- Open to local pickup


It was used as my primary grinder for at least two years (followed with a Versalab) and then was my backup any time other grinders I was trying out were out of commission or swapped out. The burrs are working great, but the machine is 100% a project machine. I hacked it up a number of times and more recently finally removed the doser entirely replacing it with an origami copper chute (too soft) and duct tape :)

Functionally, it's solid, but it needs a clean out and clean up. Aesthetically, only my bunzilla looked worse. However, if you are looking for a really solid grinding platform to play with, this is it. I've had some of the best espresso of my life with this grinder, but I never finishing making all the customizations I wanted to have a perfect workflow, perfect retention, etc.

I am not including the grinder timer. If you'd like it, let me know and we can work it out - but I expect it'd be easier to get a fresh timer from Auber and install it in the side :)

Pictures attached with a few inlined here:

(Don't worry, the hopper is included! I pulled it off for the other attached pictures)
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