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Up for sale is my non-PID Pro 500 I bought from HB member in October 2017. He told me that it was brand new replacement machine at the time I bought it from him. Regardless, I do have the purchase receipt showing February 2017 as the purchase date. Used most days for usually one cappuccino sometimes 2. Always used either RO or Sparkletts which is also very low TDS. Boiler drained every couple months so pretty much no risk of scale. It has worked flawlessly since I've had it. Water back flush after every use and detergent back flush every 2-3 weeks. Lever has been cleaned and lubed 4-5x since I've owned it and has smooth action.

Overall in great condition. Typical wear on drip tray. Few tiny dings on group where I was clumsy and knocked the portafilter lightly against it that are not noticeable unless you know they are there and are looking for them. One area in the back about 1/2 cm that seems pushed out a bit. I received it like that, not sure how it became like that, but definitely does not affect performance and cannot be seen if the machine will be up against a wall. I tried to show these areas in photos but the group dings didn't show up.

I had a Profitec flow control that I bought quite a while ago, and finally decided to install it a few weeks ago. I have to say it's very fun to use and a noticable improvement in the espresso in my short experience with it. So much so that for me I wouldn't want to have a machine that doesn't do flow control. Which basically leaves only the E61s and the BDB with slayer mod, or spend alot more on the decent, GS3 MP or similar. I have both the large and small knob.

A few years ago I borrowed a Scace and did pretty extensive temperature testing with recorded video. I can get those videos to the eventual buyer if desired. But the gist is with the right flush routine it has a declining temperature profile from brief peak 203 down to 200 through a 35-40g shot volume good for medium roast, flush a little more to get a 201 to 199 temp profile good for medium dark. Then after that with basically no flushing you can pull back to back shots with similar temp profile for as many shots as you want as long as there's about 3 minutes in between pulls. Detailed flush routine will be disclosed to the buyer.

Will come with all standard accessories ie single and double spout portafilters, baskets. Has IMS shower screen and Cafelat group gasket installed. In addition will also include the following:

-Profitec flow control, retail $200
-La Marzocco bottomless portafilter with basket, retail ~$130. This was not included before, but ended up not being compatible with replacement machine. Which is a bummer because it's a great portafilter.
-Erics group thermometer, I paid >$100 but now retail for similar item ~$85
-Spare IMS shower screen and Cafelat group gasket retail ~$40
-Profitec 2 hole steam tip retail $30. (original 4 hole steam tip is installed)
-wemo smart plug for setting schedule of machine on/off $30
-Rattleware 12oz pitcher with volume marks on inside if you want it.

Prefer local sale within an hour or so of Los Angeles, CA. Willing to meet halfway in this area. But also open to shipping. I have original box and packaging.

Price reduced, $950 with flow control, $850 without flow control, local sale. Price is firm as IMO this is already a great deal with all of the above extras.
If need shipping, will be at buyer's expense and risk.