[SOLD] Profitec Pro 500 (Raleigh area pickup)

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#1: Post by grind727 » Oct 27, 2019, 4:51 pm

Profitec Pro 500 (non-PID version)

I'm putting this back on the market and dropping the price due to an unplanned acquisition.

This was purchased from another HB member, who bought it from Whole Latte Love in August 2017. It's been a great machine. I've kept it clean, used filtered water, backflushed with water every day, and backflushed with Joe Glo once a month. It does have a number of the usual scratches on the drip tray and top that seem unavoidable with stainless machines. These aren't showing up in the pictures.

It also comes with:
- Three portafilters: the stock double and single spouts and an ECM angled bottomless portafilter (purchased new for $70).
- Single, double, triple, and blind baskets.
- ECM tamper (purchased new for $60)
- ECM tamping station
- 2 Rattleware Latte Art 20oz Pitchers
- IMS shower screen and Cafelat gasket
- Stock shower screen and gasket
- Joe Glo cleaner
- A cleaning brush

Asking $1100 for the machine and all accessories. Now asking $950.
Local, cash pickup in the Raleigh area. I really, really don't want to ship it.