[SOLD] Profitec Pro 500 PID with Flow Control + accessories (North Carolina)

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Hello all,

For sale is a Profitec Pro 500 with PID and Flow Control and tons of accessories. I bought this new from Whole Latte Love and this machine has been my daily driver for about three years now. I've pulled about 2-3 shots per day and it has never missed a beat. I have been undergoing some lifestyle changes and usually have about one coffee drink a day. I still love this machine, but unfortunately it's just a bit overkill for me now.

Good news is that this machine is in immaculate condition with minor evidence of wear including surface level scratches but nothing aside from normal wear and tear. The boiler has never been descaled, but I've always used filtered water and stuck with a regular cleaning and backflushing routine. The boiler has been emptied, the machine thoroughly cleaned inside/out, and is ready for immediate use.

I am including a bunch of accessories, some of which are stock and some which were acquired over time. Please look at the pictures for details and ask questions before purchasing.

bottomless portafilter
single spout portafilter
double spout portafilter
2 VST 18g baskets
1 VST 21g basket
1 backflush disk
no stock shower screen, but IMS screen installed currently
oem tamper
58mm no brand distributor
nomocore 58mm puck screen
no brand dosing funnel
extra milk steam tip
extra gasket
manual and detergent
profitec cloth cover
joe frex knockbox drawer

Please note that I am not willing to part out this machine. I would like to stick with local buyers and am not interested in shipping at this time.

Asking for $1400 OBO. Cash/Zelle/Paypal.Thanks for looking.