[FS] Profitec Pro 500 $800 (Mobile, AL)

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For sale is a Profitec Pro 500.

This is NOT the PID version. It was originally purchased from Whole Latte Love in 2017. It has always used some form of filtered water and descaled at appropriate times. This machine is currently not functional due to the magnet/ magnet circuit on the water level floater. I have narrowed the problem down with both Clive and Whole Latte Love and the magnet is not the problem. The problem lies in either an discontinuity in one of the wires going to the magnet or the circuit board itself. I am asking for $800 USD.

This machine also has a few upgrades built into it:
Caffewerks Silicone Group Gasket - 73 X 57 X 8.5mm
IMS Nanotech E61 Shower Screen

Other accessories include:
-single/double spout portafilter
-backflush disk
-double espresso basket

Let me know if anyone has any questions about the machine. I tried to take as many pictures to show the insides, outsides, and packaging. :D