[SOLD] Profitec 600 ($1950), Eureka Zenith 65 E ($650) or together for $2375, + freebies

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.
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Profitec Pro 600 ($1950) and Eurkea Zenith 65 E ($650) both bought on July 2020, gently used and well cared for. Buy both for $2375 (shipping, packing and insurance not included) and I will include St. Anthony's leveler, St. Anthony's Tamp and ECM bottom less portafilter with VST basket (18) for free. Sorry accessories not sold separately. The OEM protafilter and baskets have never been used. I am an espresso guy and used the steamer may be 10 times in total, so the tips are in good shape. I thought I was going to make lattes for the wife, that never materialized :(

I love these and breaks my heart to sell these but downsizing and unfortunately as try as I might the espresso machine and grinder wont fit in new place. I am happy with a PID Silvia in my new place but will miss the nuanced espressos that my Profitec/65 E put out.

Asif Moinuddin