[SOLD] Proaster THCR-01 1.5kg LNG Roaster

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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(Price Drop Again)

For sale is a Proaster THCR-01 1.5kg LNG Roaster. As you can see on the badge, it's been used lightly for 4 -5 years and has just been sitting around mostly unused the rest of the time. We've never had problems with it and it has not been modified from its stock configuration.

Price: This roaster retails for just under 10k, I am asking $6,000 OBO. I'm about to list this on Ebay if no one wants it here. Ebay takes 13%, so I figured I would offer it here at that price. $5,200 Now $5,000

This would be a hard one to ship. Not impossible, But I would strongly prefer local pickup in Lancaster, PA