[SOLD] Pre-Mil La Pavoni Europiccola. Pressure Profile Mod. Plus OE Pharos. (Sheffield UK)

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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Hey guys, I can't say I'm much of a contributor but I've been lurking in the background for years!

Long story short, separated with my partner of 10 years, I've had to get a new place and start life over again. Need the cash and this just isn't getting used.

Would love for it to find a home with someone who will appreciate it and use it rather than it being an ornament.

The La Pav has just had entirely new seals and gaskets throughout the machine. Overall fantastic condition for the age. The rust in the drip tray was there when I purchased it, but it is literally just through the layer of chrome and no deeper. I treated it immediately and then gave it several coats of clear lacquer to seal.

No leaks, pulls a fantastic shot. I modified it to have boiler pressure gauge and pressure profiling. Also there is a temperature gauge that I attached with high temp silicone to the grouphead. I attached the display to the sight glass plastic cover with velcro so that if ever the batteries need changing, it should be relatively painless.

Comes with 2 double pavoni baskets, 2 double MC baskets, a brand new 15g Strietman IMS basket and a brand new 18g Strietman basket.

Bottomless portafilter. IMS shower screen (new).

Milk frother with new tubing. Manuals, tamper etc.

MOMO Metal Tamper and Aluminium doser funnel.

Citric acid crystals for decaling. Potassium bicarb. I only ran it with low dry residue spring water and added 100mg/l of bicarb as per Pavlis' recipe.

Practically full tube of Molykote 111.

4 bags of green coffee for roasting (plus 2 bags of roasted crap that someone gave me and I was too polite to bin)

Made my own tools. One spanner for the boiler nut/flange. One spanner to reach the steam tap nut from the inside of the top of the boiler.

Milk frothing jug and thermometer.

Lots of bits and spares. Piston rod pins, spare piston rod. Sheesh, think that's about it for the Pav. Look through the pictures!

Right, the Pharos.

Version 1.1. Bought that second hand. Complete teardown. Repolished stainless bits, cleaned everything up. Brand new nuts and bolts for EVERY part. Rebuilt from the ground up.

New top bearing.

New teflon thrust washer.

Found the company that make the handle. Bought a new one of those (except chose one with a metal ring on the top for looks)

Brand new 2.0 mod direct from Doug and Barb (you guys are legends :D )

So yeah, complete rebuild and upgrade on that. All the original parts will come with it.

In all honesty, I'm not sure what it's worth for the lot. £700+/-?

I'd prefer if someone from the UK could buy it and hopefully pick it up so you can see and test for yourself. Not expecting anyone to go on faith here. Obviously if it's going overseas, It'll cost a fair bit extra to adequately double box and package everything etc.

Any questions or offers, just fire a PM :)

Edit: no interest on this one?