[SOLD] Portafilter handles

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.
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Hi all,

Each one is being sold separately. If you'd like more than one, we can work something out on a discounted price.

These are all M12 threaded which is the standard for most e-61 58mm.

3 x Clive Coffee Style 7 handles. Hand made in the US. Bubinga, Walnut and Cherry. These retail for $175 with head.

My price ( minus head ) is $85 each including shipping and fee's. Make me an offer, I may just say yes!

1 x Handmade in Australia Jarrah wood handle. This piece retailed for $135 without the head.

My price is $90 shipped including fee's. Make me an offer, I may just say yes!

Lastly, if you take all of the handles or 3 of them, I'll throw in the last one.

I can add a bottomless portafilter head (58mm) and an IMS Competition basket to any one of these handles for an extra $40.00.

Thanks for looking,