[SOLD] Ponte Vecchio Lusso 1

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I have a Ponte Vecchio Lusso, 1 Group, 110v for sale.

I bought it from Vanelis in October 2012. I used it on a daily basis for almost three years.
Then the group started leaking, and PV told me the group gasket needs replacement. However, I moved, started a family, and I never actually replaced the gasket. So it's just been stored since 2014 (with an empty boiler). I am just too busy to take care of it, so I would like to find a new home for this pretty machine. I would have sent it to Vanelis for repair, but they stopped doing business via mail/UPS.

Below is Ponte Vecchio's response when I reported leaking on the group and some coffee ground getting into the boiler:
This is the response on the gasket I got from ponte vecchio back in 2014:
reading your e mail, the first thing that I think is that you have to change the gaskets of the group. This can explain the problem of the leaking and also coffee ground that gets back into the boiler.

You can try to contact these resellers: (They should be nearer)



They can confirm (or not) our suspects and sell you the gaskets. If you have problem also with them, please write me again that we will ship you the gaskets through an our reseller specialized in spare parts (this is because we can't make direct sell).
In a follow-up, they said they would also ship replacement parts directly from Italy if resellers won't help out. I think 1st line would be a good place to work with.

I would prefer local pickup in the Columbus, OH metro area. I can also meet you half way if you are almost in driving distance. I will also look into shipping options.


[SOLD] Ponte Vecchio Lusso - last PVL1 that sold here for reference price.