[FS] Piston Pressure Kit for current Olympia Cremina

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For sale:

Lightly used (estimate approximately 4 weeks or so) Naked Portafilter piston pressure kit for Olympia Cremina.

Had this kit installed on my current generation Cremina, which I recently purchased. After using the Cremina with and without this kit installed, I have returned it to stock form as I just prefer the stock aesthetic. This kit is in 100% functional, almost new condition; the only differences from new are 1) some markings on the shaft that occurred during installation (see photos), 2) one of the small black o-rings was torn when I removed this (it still comes with the [2] needed to install, plus one as a spare), and 3) I've used some of the grease it shipped with (there's still plenty left).

New these are $290 + shipping.

Asking $220 shipped in the US. Any questions please let me know.