[SOLD] PID temperature control box for 110v La Pavoni or other

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I originally built this PID box for my two switch La Pavoni but I have sold that machine, and no longer need this. It is an Auber SYL1512a PID with an Auber 40amp SSR. It is for 110v use.

It works by interrupting the power to the espresso machine. It modulates power to the machine, with the goal of getting the location of the temperature sensor as close to the set point as possible. The machine plugs into the PID box, and the PID box plugs into the wall. I will also include a mini RTD sensor, but you could use any RTD or K-type thermocouple.

It worked very well with both of the La pavoni's I owned. (temperature sensor kapton taped to boiler) keeping the set point much tighter than the deadband of the pressurestat on my professional. This also allows you to have accurate temperature stability with a two switch la pavoni.

You could use it with many pressurestat espresso machines (Pavoni, Cremina, many others), or you could use it with a heating element and have the most accurate sous vide cooker on the block. I used high quality parts, and built in a massive heatsink - this should last a lifetime.

$200 + actual shipping cost. Please ask any questions.

LMWDP #715