[FS] PID'd La Pavoni Pro with Group Pressure Gauge (Price Drop)

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Looking to sell my PID'd Pavoni, 115V, asking $900 plus shipping $800 and spilt shipping 50/50

It's been really fun to use, I can get great temperature and pressure control and basically do any profile I want. Selling because I'm upgrading to a DB or a Strietman.

It has a boiler temp and a group temp probe so you can set the boiler temp and know the group temp. It also has a air pump so the boiler is always at at least 1 bar regardless of temp. It's a two switch model, the red switch is on/off, and the green switch bypasses the PID if you need to steam milk.

I bought it with the PID already installed about 2 years ago and have since added a group pressure gauge and bottomless portafilter both from Coffee Sensor as well as a new steam wand tip from OE. Descaled and cleaned the group about two weeks ago. Here's some pics

LEDs look a little funny in the picture, but here I have the boiler set to 109C and the group idles at 85-86C. I've found 105-106 boiler temp is good for darker roasts, and 108-109 better for lighter.

It comes with everything shown, tamper and funnel from OE, distributor, puck screen, bottomless and spouted portafilters. PM if you want more pictures. Thanks for looking!

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Update for price drop