[FS] Orphan Espresso Pharos v1 (Canada) - Price Drop to C$245

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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Hello, for sale is my Orphan Espresso Pharos (v1). I am located in Nova Scotia, Canada, so shipping in Canada is preferred. I am asking C$245 (previously was asking C$275) with the buyer paying shipping. For reference, based on an estimate of the box size and weight, it looks like shipping (regular parcel) to Montreal, Toronto or Vancouver should be ~$27. I do not have the original box any more, but the grinder comes with the manual and the adjustment Allen key. I will make sure to pack it well for shipping (including locking the burrs prior to shipping).

I have had this grinder since late 2019, but it has only had 5-10lbs of coffee through it (the story of why it has seen such limited use is below, if you are interested). The grinder is generally in excellent condition and produces a phenomenal grind and a great espresso. HOWEVER, one of the four small screws around the mouth of the hopper (the one closest to where the Allen key is held) is not particularly tight and, when tightened will effectively "slip" and loosen again, suggesting it may be cross-threaded. I'm quite frustrated about this because I have never taken the grinder apart, so I haven't caused this by monkeying with the grinder. I can't say it came with this flaw, because I honestly don't know if it did. It is disappointing though, as I am not sure what would have caused it. I also note that I have never cleaned the grinder as I am terrified to take it apart. You can see the current state of it in the photos - I did not do any cleaning before taking them. Another Pharos in Canada on these forums sold for C$300 which makes sense given just a straight CAD/USD conversion based on the current price in USD for the grinder (ignoring shipping and getting it into Canada, etc.). The reason I am pricing mine where I am is to account for the screw issue.

The story behind this grinder is as follows. I have been really into specialty coffee (pour over and aeropress) for the last couple of years. I had always thought it would be interesting to get into espresso, so on a bit of an impulse I ordered this Pharos directly from Orphan Espresso at the end of 2019 and managed to get it to Canada (no easy feat) thinking I would eventually get an espresso machine. That time came when, at the end of March 2020 the pandemic hit Nova Scotia and we ended up working from home. My wife and I each decided to get a "pandemic purchase" - she got a horse saddle and I got a BDB. I made some great espresso for the four months we were home, but when I started back at the office I found the workflow in the morning challenging (I would make a pour over for me and a latte for my wife). I had initially wanted to get into espresso to enjoy in the evenings, but I found that the workflow challenges restricted me from doing that. I ultimately broke down and purchased a Forte for the convenience factor - hence the limited amount of coffee run through the grinder.