[SOLD] Orphan Espresso Pharos essentially version 1.1

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It is essentially version 1.1 as has aluminum bolt covers (helps to maintain alignment) and has single split collar nut (though imperial and not metric like true version 1.1). Dr. Robert Pavlis ("rpavlis") (R.I.P.) made the aluminum bolt covers.

I am original owner and purchased November 2013. It is numbered 0877. It has at most 100 pounds coffee used through it. There are a few small scratches on each of three aluminum plates. Included are all original parts: bean ring, rubber popper stopper, rubber stopper for inner funnel, removable cushioned-base pad, written instruction manual, L-shaped hex wrench. Also included is non-OEM straight ball-end hex wrench (so that can lock split collar nut's bolt head at an angle and it serves as pointer when adjusting the split-collar nut). For completeness sake the original six polymer bolt covers included.

I have removed the black-colored Sharpie writing seen on top-view photograph. I included the writing in the photograph as it shows how I essentially did compass points for adjusting Pharos (once zero point is known).

Why Pharos?
It is the original Titan conical burr hand grinder. Pharos has 68mm conical burrs and no gear reduction. So it will grind fast.
In my experience in-the-cup indistinguishable from Kafetek Monolith version 1 and indistinguishable from Helor 106.
Pharos has LOTS of discussion on home-barista.com.
It is quite robust e.g. weighs 2306 grams with cushioned base-pad.

Why selling the Pharos?
Since May 2019 I have moved onto Helor 106 (Mazzer single phase 71mm conical burr same as Robur and Monolith Conical V3 and has gear reduction). FYI, at $150 here this Pharos (essentially) version 1.1 is 20% of price of new Helor 106. In-the-cup they are indistinguishable.

Unless you are really strong, when grinding light roasted bean the Pharos will need to be held down or anchored to something. Orphan Espresso sells Pharos dogs at $12.50 each (NOT included).

$150 o.b.o. excluding actual shipping cost. But I am willing for local delivery/meeting point in NW Illinois and Chicagoland as I am in Chicagoland few days per week.

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