[SOLD] Olympia Maximatic/Pasquini Livietta 1990 -54mm Excellent Condition

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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1990 Pasquini Livietta aka the Swiss made Olympia Maximatic for sale. This is a very lightly used 1990 model that practically looks like new old stock (NOS). Very little usage as for the last 20 years it has been a back-up machine to my Olympia Cremina which NEVER had any down time. Recently it has been professionally serviced and has both a new pump AND a new heating element. Color is black and the case has no scratches, the frame no rust and the steel is a mirror finish. This unit has the 54mm group head and not the 49mm version.

This is a small footprint machine that makes better espresso than shops and doesn't overwhelm your kitchen counter. Runs on 110v and water does not need to be plumbed. I have only used RO water in it and there is no scale that I am aware of from inspection. This is very close to the same machine Olympia makes right now and sells for $3800 plus tax. Their literature features the timeless craftsmanship and the same consistent quality since 1974.

Machine is located near Aptos in the SF Bay Area. Recent servicing was not cheap. This is an Olympia Espresso machine, legendary espresso maker.

Price: $1300

No rush for me to sell. I will wait for the right buyer. Contact is Peter.