[SOLD] Olympia Express Cremina Millenium

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.
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...with 2016 Group. I purchased this from Johnny Cerini October 2016 to use at a 2nd home at the time and later in between my then Londinium LI and my current Slayer. After I received it the group leaked and wasn't behaving properly so Johnny, instead of back/forth with the problematic group, sent me a brand new 2016 group with the new seal design.

Its a solid and great performer. Including the Thermoworks T-type thermocouple for group temp feedback if desired along with a walnut handled adjustable grooming tool along with 2-baskets, bottomless portafilter, the OEM tamper, etc. (everything shown is included). Sorry, I don't have the original manual or box.

It is in great condition with the usual light burnish marks on the drip tray from cup use, otherwise all chrome is pristine and body is dent free. Always used RPavlis water recipe so no scale or internal corrosion to worry about.

Reno, Nevada area

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