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Hi HB'ers,

I am interested in an Olympia Cremina lever machine. Looking to see if anyone is looking to move on to something else.

I am particularly interested in fully functional machines in good aesthetic and mechanical condition, and hopefully comes with all original accessories / booklets etc. Please let me know what you have. [Update] Preference goes to machines built after the 90s, and has the red panel.

I am located in Toronto, ON (Canada) and willing to work with you on shipping. Thanks in advance!



[Update November 17] Spoke to my logistics company in Buffalo, NY, and they told me the shipping backlog from the US into Canada is around 8 weeks minimum given the holiday season and spike in packages. I'm afraid I cannot entertain any offers from our neighbours in the US for now, and until further notice, so I can only review opportunities from Canadian HB'ers at the time. Sincere apologies in advance!

Update November 19 Decided to buy new from Canadian Olympia dealer (Quality Coffee Systems. Thanks to everyone who guided me in the right direction. Enjoy your Creminas!