[SOLD] OE Pharos Grinder 1.1 Upgraded to 2.0

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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Finally found an electric grinder I'm happy with and I'm running out of space on the bench (and strength in the arms!) for this grinder.

Really fantastic grinder, excellent adjustment, fast grinding, and great flavor out of the beans. This is the 1.1 model with the 2.0 upgrade kit. I will include the original spindle as well.

Has the cup and the plastic bean funnel for the top. I do not have the allen key (been using one from my bike tools) as well as the little rubber cap.

Condition is good. Some wrench marks on the adjustment ring from a stubborn handle. Function is excellent

Looking for $225, shipping included within the US.

Please let me know if any questions. I understand I'm a relatively new member (but long time reader) so I included a picture of my coffee bench in hopes of building some veracity.