[WTB] NS Oscar Group Head

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.
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I ended up with a Nuova Simonelli Oscar I (not the II) and decided to tear it down and refurbish it, going so far as to polish all the copper and brass. And after cleaning, I put the group head someplace safe. Fast forward three years, and it is still someplace safe, I just don't know what place that is. I've spent three years telling myself that I'm going to put it back together as soon as I run across the danged group head.

Long story longer, if you have one that you want to get rid of, I am in the market for and inexpensive solution to the missing group.

I am NOT in the market for entire broken Oscars unless the cost is not a lot more than shipping. If I am offered used machines for more than what a new group will cost me, it's a losing proposition.
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