[FS] Not just another Mazzer Super Jolly *new price*

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This Mazzer came to me as a beat up rebadged Astoria. I had it soda blasted and repainted, replaced the burrs and lived with it for a few years. Maybe ran 10-15 pounds of beans through it.

I put it away due to life circumstances but last year saw that some folks were using small Arduino to control grind time on Mazzers in order to create a real timed dose machine. I went back to work...converting it to doserless. All Mazzer parts were used save for the funnel top and hopper which come from Torr Toys.

I have the arduino programmed and ready to go. I will include all the buttons and a new Mazzer switch and backplate to convert the grinder from timed to on/off.
In the end, I was too afraid to cut and drill to install the screen and buttons. And I have too many projects!

$650 plus shipping. $475 with plastic Mazzer short hopper instead of Torr.
Torr Hopper will be sent separately in the foam packaging that it came to me in.
Any questions about the timer, please let me know..I'll answer to the best of my ability.

PS: my photos kind of suck...other than a thin scratch near the portafilter holder the paint is flawless.