[FS] Niche Zero (Mexico)

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Niche Zero for sale in Mexico (Cuernavaca, MOR).
The grinder is from the September batch, it was dispatched on September 18 2020.
I have been using it 6 days a week for an average of 3 double shots a day since mid December (given my math something around 3.5 kilos / 7.7 lb).
I clean it regularly and never used RDT, so burrs have never been in contact with water.
Asking for $20,000 MXP.
PayPal accepted as well as wired transfer.
Shipping on the buyer.

Note: I paid 15,500 MXP for the grinder delivered to CA + 30% import tax + 16% VAT in Mexico + 1,200 MXP for delivery to my home. So in total I paid $23,800 MXP for the Niche delivered to my home. I'm offering the grinder for Mexico delivery, so I'm taking 3,800 as depreciation for the 5 months use.