[SOLD] NIB Option-O REMI Hand Grinder

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Condition: New In Box
Price: Price is $190 shipped and insured. Current retail price is $228. Open to local sales (Charlotte, NC). Venmo, PayPal, and Cash App all work.


Long story on why I'm selling...

I purchased a REMI from Prima Coffee way back when they first released. It worked great for awhile but eventually, and for no apparent reason, the grind adjustment knob became next to impossible to turn. I worked with Option-O's customer support (who were absolutely fantastic, by the way) on and off for weeks. We never figured out the problem, though. Eventually, Option-O shipped a brand new grinder and I shipped them the original for a hands-on examination of the issue.

In the meantime, however, I purchased a 1Zpresso K-Max and loved it. So, I had no use for the shiny new REMI that I had just received from Option-O. I feel bad or sleazy for selling the replacement grinder, but it's simply collecting dust. I'd rather feel bad and let it get some use than feel good and let it sit doing nothing.

Option-O has made a few unstated updates since the original version, and this is the latest version from what I can tell. It has the updated magnet design on the grounds catch cup and the "contemporary" burrs with a titanium nitride (TiN) coating. According to their website, these are "Italian-made burrs that are designed specially for finer-grind range including espresso and Turkish grind." And the coating extends "the burrs lifespan up to 5 times and providing a smoother grinding action with its lower surface friction."

I'm general, it's a compact grinder that's great for travel. Despite the small size, it has a capacity of 30-35 grams. I can't speak to espresso, but my original grinder worked quite well for pour over and auto-drip brews.

Below are photos of the grinder, including one next to a 1zpresso K-Max for comparison.