[FOUND] A new home for your beloved 58mm group (ideally vintage) spring lever

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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Friends, like the title says - I am looking for a spring lever machine, open to all configurations with a slight preference for dippers or thermosyphon based models. Currently have a PID dual boiler with flow control but back flushing is getting old and most of the time I'm trying to mimic what a lever would do by default.

I prefer a 58mm grouphead to carry over accessories, am open to repairs or restorations or projects depending on state. I was going to get a new machine but strongly prefer finding a new home for an existing one for environmental reasons - open to vintage ones as well - a preference for Faema Lambro or Zodiaco 70s ish but open to options - and open to any advice you might have for me in this effort also - if you have a machine gathering dust or not being used since you moved on, please hit me up, would love to chat and potentially find a new kitchen counter for your old love to continue happily making espresso :)