[SOLD] Monolith Max June 2020 delivery (Feb 2020 bid window)

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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June 2020 Monolith Max
(from the February 2020 bid window)

Will include original box and fitted packing materials and accessories shown in the photo that came with it. NONE of the accessories have been used. Some have not even been opened/unwrapped. The brew basket that came with it was opened for inspection, fitted into a portafilter for just a moment, but never used and has never seen coffee.

Burrs are NOT fully seasoned. We were away for summer, June, July, August. Max got very little use during that time. A day or two here or there. More use since September. Estimating under two lbs through it as I have other grinders too. Only modern light roasts. No dark oily roasts.

Price will be what I paid for it. No profit taking. Plus shipping.
(I get a substantial discount on FedEx but will ship any way preferred. Or local pickup in Denver metro. Lone Tree/Highlands Ranch, or will meet in a safe location.)

Price breakdown:
Base price: $3250
Black Anodize for Body, Exit Chute, Funnel, Safety Cap (+$180.00 per item)
Black Motor (+$150.00 per item)
Price before shipping: $3580

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