[SOLD] Monolith Max Grinder- flawless condition

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I am considering selling my Kafetek Monolith MAX grinder that is in near new condition and not even fully broken in yet. I am not interested in any offers at the moment and will be selling it without price-gouging at the same value that it normally comes in. I will include, in addition, completely free, the nice upgraded Wenge wood cap at no additional charge along with the original funnel.

I'd estimate that at best that it has had approximately 12- 15 pounds of coffee thru it, and that's a very liberal estimate since my espresso consumption is quite low. Im selling it only to free up funds but I'm not desperate, so I'll be sticking to the original price. You can get a flawless, beautiful Monolith MAX grinder for the exact same price as when new, without waiting in line or hoping you beat the system in acquiring one. It would be reprehensible for me to do any sort of price gouging for these, so I'll sell it for the exact same price I paid and include the wenge cap for free. If it doesn't sell, I'll keep it. There isn't a single scratch or flaw on it.

Im only interested in changing to a different method of single-dose grinding thru the basket. No knocks on the Monolith line, I've loved and enjoyed both the Conical and the Max. You'll be receiving a grinder that is like new, only partially broken in. I'd recommend running another 15 pounds of stale coffee thru it, just to get it to it's optimal level of functionality .

Sorry, no offers accepted at this point.

$3250 plus $50 shipped anywhere in the continental USA, and you'll have one of the best single-dose grinders on the market, along with the beautiful Wenge cap as an upgrade. I have a well padded box, but not the original box that it'll ship in.

Any questions, feel free to PM me



***** UPDATE*****

Baring any unforeseen circumstances, please consider this grinder as SOLD.

I'll consider second-line offers in the order I received them, if should any part of the original sale fall thru. Thanks.