[FT] Monolith Flat Feb 2020 w/upgrades for Lyn Weber EG-1 v2

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.
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Monolith Flat has upgraded Black top plate, zebrawood cap, and SSP burrs. All original accessories are unused (ie bellows, sprayer, cap and funnel, all in original box)

Also includes Laube.coffee machined Adjustable magnetic release Cup Holder/Grinds Catcher (doesn't include cup)

I'll provide Monolith test report data for this specific grinder and it will ship in original box.

This grinder was barely used in last year as it was my office grinder but I made espresso at home for the last year so it may not be fully broken in yet but light roasts shots taste amazing with a Strietman ES3.