[SOLD] Monolith Flat AND/OR Conical - Both upgraded

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.
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I have both a Monolith Flat and Conical, fully upgraded. Anodized, TiN. The best part is that the Flat was used just a few times and the Conical has never been used. They aren't even broken in.

You might be wondering - Why?

My wife hated single dosing and doesn't like how they look in her kitchen <shrug>. I put them away and forgot about them. Now I'm moving.

I've got $3K in the Flat and $2,500 into the conical.

Selling for:

Flat - $2,500
Conical - $2,000

This is a really good opportunity to not only get your hands on one, but you might even get a great deal. I will need you to pay shipping as they're pretty heavy. We can talk about that.