[SOLD] Monolith Flat (All Black - 2018 - 110V) with Red Speed SSP burrs

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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I'm selling my blacked out Monolith Flat (110V) from January 2018. It originally came with the standard 75 mm burrs, but I upgraded to Red Speed SSP burrs in 2019. I'm sending both sets of burrs with the grinder.

I estimate I have run about 60 pounds of beans through the grinder (approximately 20 pounds since SSP installation in 2019). The grinder is in excellent condition with no cosmetic damage, excluding slight wear at the back of the portafilter holder where the portafilter rests against the grinder (this is normal for all Monolith grinders to my knowledge).

The only reason I'm selling the Flat is because I just got a Max.

In addition to the blacked out customization, I also had a blue light added in when I bought it (instead of the standard green light). This grinder has the thumb screw locking mechanism as it was the standard in early 2018 as well as the safety cap. I'm also sending the added Wenge wood cap. I also added a blue triangle for brew (pour over) in addition to the included red triangle for espresso. The blue triangle can be removed with no damage (it is a vinyl sticker, just like the red triangle).

I'm including these accessories:
-Dosing funnel (58 mm)
-RDT glass spray bottle
-WDT distribution tool
-Wenge wood cap
-Espresso Parts HQ 14g Ridgeless Style Double Portafilter Basket (58 mm)
-Power cord
-2 white plastic balls used as dust covers when using the safety cap
-Second set of burrs (as mentioned above)

I'm sending the provided paperwork/operating instructions as well.

Price is $3100 USD which includes shipping/insurance (via UPS or FedEx - continental US only). Payment via PayPal (I'll be covering the PayPal fees). If you are in the Northern California area (Redding/Sacramento), local pickup could be arranged (with a reduced price to offset the shipping). My total investment with all included upgrades and accessories is $3295.23.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I can also include additional information or pictures as requested.

Thank you,


Nick H.