[FS] Modified Breville Dual Boiler 920XL

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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I have a BES920XL that is in excellent condition. I only use distilled water with potassium bicarbonate added back in. I backflush after every session and do a deep clean once per month. I've never done the dreaded "descale." I definitely take good care of the machine.

A couple of things. I have modified the machine quite a bit. I did the "slayer mod" so the hot water spout is not in operation but the hot water knob can be used to do pressure profiling. There are several long threads on HB about this mod if you're unfamiliar. I also wired up a silver colored switch so that the pump can be turned on/off separately from the solenoid in order to bloom the puck if desired. You are able to reverse both of those mods if you want to.

Finally, I added a switch to turn the solenoid on/off independently of the pump. That's the black switch. Unfortunately, when tinkering with this mod I accidentally made it to where you HAVE to use this switch to turn the solenoid on and off every time you pull a shot. This mod is not reversible and it requires you to plug the black switch into another outlet in order to power the solenoid. I've been told that I could likely send it into Breville for their flat rate $300 repair service but I didn't want to undo my other mods in order to send it in.

I'd like $1,000 (includes shipping cost anywhere in CONUS). It will come with a bottomless and a spouted PF, the original milk pitcher, Razor tool, and original box. I'll also send along some O-rings that I purchased in case I needed to do minor leak repairs, which I haven't had to do.