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Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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Selling my Quest M3 Roaster that I have had close to almost a year now with roasts every single week and going strong. Previously owned by a HB member here that many of you know.

I'm waiting for the delivery of an Aillio Bullet and should come on the 14th and I'd be able to offload after that assuming it comes in working condition.

Fully modded with the "first" perforated drum that is now standard in the M3s & comes with Thermocouples for BT, ET, MET, and exhaust all hooked up to an Arduino/TC4 platform that communicates with your computer to use with Artisan. I currently have 116 logged roasts on my computer since I hooked it up.

I'm located in San Diego and would want to do locally but could ship if it comes to it. It was shipped to me from San Fran and took a rough ride which caused the metal frame to bend a bit. Did not affect performance at all though obviously. I literally would not be selling it but I got a decent deal on the Aillio Bullet and I want/need the higher charge capacity. I'm charging 260g with the Quest right now and still get FC in 8-9 minutes so I think you could technically charge even more.

Asking $1200 given the mods and accessories

4 thermocouple setup (Omega Thermocouples)
Artisan Ready with Arduino/TC4 + LCD screen (slightly UV damaged)
Perforated Drum
Spare stock drum
Custom Cocobolo wood cooling tray & powerful fan to cool down
Cocobolo handles and tryer
Zero Cross Delays for a future project that I never got too (PID controlled M3 :) )
Copper piping for intake
Outer cage

P.S. I roast in an apartment, top floor on the balcony. Super windy days will affect your roast but otherwise, I found it fine. Doesn't produce that much smoke & I know some that roast under a strong kitchen range exhaust but shielded outdoors works as long as you got friendly neighbors. That's to give a nudge to some potential home roasters who think they can't roast cause they don't have the room. The browning you see on the interior metal will come off with some Cafiza, it's seen around 7 roasts before I last did a deep clean it when I took pictures.

Along with pictures, I have some videos that I can send over message or try to upload them.

LMWDP #643