[SOLD] Mazzer Super Jolly w. doserless mod & SSP burrs

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Hello, I have an early Mazzer Super Jolly up for sale.
I have converted it to doserless with a mod from Danieley Wong, and the original hopper was discarded.

Initially, I've used it for espresso with the mazzer stock burrs.
I've installed SSP Red Speed burrs and used it as a dedicated grinder for pour-over last couple of years.

I am selling it as-is, while the proper alignment for ssp burrs could be necessary to have a better experience of using it for espresso.

SSP burrs, HU (installed; bought in Aug 2020)
Mazzer OEM burrs (included, bought in 2017)

$275 + shipping cost

Also available for local pickup in Seattle (Eastside) area.

Please let me know if there are any other questions!