[FS] Mazzer Mini and Macap 4

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.
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Hi all, lowered the prices.

My grinders aren't getting any use as they're in a 2nd home we're rarely at...

1) Mazzer Mini in very great shape, works perfectly. $450 with new set of burrs and new doserless kit.
Current burrs seem fine, haven't checked 'em in awhile, but I'm including the new set in the box and also we just had imported Daniel Design's doserless kit (was about 140 bucks, delivered) and we never got around to attaching it.

2) Macap 4 - pretty much like new. $475

The grinders are in New York in on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, but we can bring them upstate near Woodstock/Kingston/Saugerties.

Thanks all!