[SOLD] Mazzer Kony E

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.
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I am selling my Mazzer Kony E grinder for $1200. We're moving and downsizing and I have to sell most of my grinders, which has somehow grown to 8(!).

It was purchased new in 2009.

It was my daily espresso grinder until 2012 when I purchased a new espresso grinder. It then became my drip/pourover grinder. Periodically I would use it for espresso. I mostly drink espresso so it largely just sat there.

There are two very small chips in the paint on the right side that I can only see when I get up close (see pictures). The grinder otherwise is cosmetically perfect.

The electronic lid works perfectly. No mechanical problems. If you've ever used one, you know these are built like tanks and I doubt home users could ever wear out one.

I am also including the tamper and portafilter holder that came with it, along with a magnet on a ring I was told could be used to drag through coffee beans if you were worried about metallic fragments.