[FOUND] Mazzer doser cam washer

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Looking for a cam washer for a mazzer doser.


This may seem silly to WTB a $2.40 part that I could just order from the above link, but it's also silly to pay $12 to ship such a part, and I can't come up with any other parts I need right now. So if anyone has one sitting around and can put it in an envelope with a little padding and get it shipped to me for a few dollars, I'd appreciate it.

I was cleaning an old super jolly in the driveway (it was really gross, had been used and neglected in a commercial setting) and this washer rolled away when I dropped it. I spent a bunch of time looking for it, but I swear a chipmunk must have run off with it because it's nowhere to be found.

Found: came up with some other parts that I could use and placed an order.