[FS] Malwani Livi Manual Tabletop 83mm Grinder

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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My Malwani Livi manual grinder is a beautiful zebrano wood grinder and at my age I am still able to turn it with ease because of its planetary gear but it would speed up my morning routine to have an electric one. The grinder is less than a year old and costs 1049 Euros new--about $1,280--before shipping costs from Germany. I have two sets of burrs for it as a I purchased and installed some 83mm Mazzer Robur 187c conical burrs for it, which cost new about $200. I will be including those burrs plus the original Italmill 83mm burrs that came with the grinder, basically ensuring a home user could probably grind a very long time, perhaps life depending on your age, without having to buy another set. You can learn more about the grinder here: https://www.malwani.de/english-1/shop/m ... nder-livi/

I will sell the grinder and both burr sets for $1,000 plus the buyer pays for shipping. The package should weigh about 20 pounds. Here are some pictures: