[FS] Mahlkoenig K30 220v (Norway)

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.
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For sale.
Due to severe case of upgraditis (mixed with a lot of choiceophobia) I wish to sell my K30s.
Mildly used the last 2 years, propably roughly 6 doubles every day.

One is a Air Vario and was just used at home, though got a beating :roll: . 4 or 5 years old. Stock.

The other one is an ES that I bought from a cafe veteran with 10 years of service.
Totally refurbished.
I replaced the whole grinding chamber, complete, to the new type. New tray, new feet, new paint. The plan was to get the hopper wrapped with a motiff from Guernica printed on car wrap - my priorities shifted though and I have to let it go.
The motor is in perfect shape with no play on the shaft whatsoever.
Just the parts were 450 euros.

New burrs in 2019. Still grinding a 19g double in 5 seconds - and I like my grounds very fine.

I am asking 750 Euros for the refurb one and 850 for Vario.
Shipping cost paid by the buyer. Propably around 60 Euros anywhere, I might just eat the rest if its more expensive.

Location is Arendal, Norway. Local collection is an absolute yes please.

Cheers folks,