[SOLD] Mahlgut MG-1

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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I've had this grinder for about 6 months. The previous owner is also a long time HBer. It's been a great grinder, but I've had to move on to an electric grinder because of a developing carpal tunnel issue that gets aggravated with manual grinding.
Previous owner told me he put <30lb through it, and I've put <10lb, so suffice to say there's still a lifetime's worth of grinding in these burrs, at least.

I did a minor upgrade, replacing the nylon washer with a needle roller thrust bearing and washer system. I found the exact right diameter so it fits perfectly.

The previous owner replaced the original suction cups with bigger ones. The bolt on these is slightly longer so I removed the one directly in front of the grinds drawer, planning to cut it shorter and put it back. But the bigger suction cups glue the grinder to the countertop so solidly that I never bothered with it. Still have the extra suction cup along with four other spares. The grinder sticks so well to the counter top that the non-grinding hand is used lightly only to stabilize the grinder.

I would venture to say you will not find a better single dosing titan grinder for this price anywhere. If you're in the market for a Pharos 2.0, the MG-1 blows it out of the water. I've used both extensively and IMO there's no comparison in terms of ease of use/workflow and build quality. Grind quality is equivalent.

Asking $375 shipped.Image