[SOLD] Lyn Weber EG-1 (Denver area pickup only)

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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Asking $2,800. We can do a contactless pickup at my small office in Brighton, Colorado.

CORE DB1 Burrs (converted for the newer magnetic mount)
Blind shaker
Extra wipers
Rocket blower

I recently upgraded to the CORE DB1 burrs using the pins Doug supplies. Going back to the old screw-mounted burrs would be challenging because the pins are a tight fit.

One of the advantages of a used EG-1 is seasoning. The original burrs took a long time to season. The grind got incrementally better for the first year. So, for the CORE DB1 upgrade, I had 20 lbs of beans ready for seasoning. And I've had about 20 lbs of beans through it since then. It will still get better, but much of the seasoning is complete.

The EG-1 is in excellent shape. There is the expected paint wear on the fork from the portafilter (you can see this in the photo).

I have experience with the EG-1 and several other grinders in its class. I'm happy to answer questions or offer anything helpful in deciding if this is the grinder for you.