[SOLD] Londinium R w/digital preinfusion

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Selling my Londinium R as it unfortunately does not fit in our new home under the cabinets. I'm sad to let it go as it's an awesome machine, but alas, there's nowhere to put it.

I purchased in August 2018 new from Londinium. The Mater pressurestat went bad within a few months, so I upgraded to the digital preinfusion system. I also have the new wireless dongle (not installed yet), which will allow you to change preinfusion pressure from your smart phone. Afaik, this makes the machine equivalent to the new L24.

I have the original box and all original accessories (bottomless + 16g basket, WRT tool, grind funnel, and Londinium tamp), in addition to a 20g basket. I installed a new IMS 35µM shower screen and new group seal 6 months ago. The piston seals are original, but I only use the machine for about 4 shots a week (on weekends), and have had zero issue or noise from these. Always used with distilled water + Third Wave Water.

I just installed a new top panel and drip tray cover (drop tray cover still has protective wrap on it). Machine is in perfect working condition. The only minor issues I've experienced is the rotary pump getting stuck when turning on, which appears to have gone away. Reiss said this happens at times and usually corrects itself.

Asking $2400 + shipping. This is able to ship via DHL instead of freight.