[FS] Londinium Lever L1 pump/tank, Kafatek MC3 (Central IL area)

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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I have an older model Londinium lever I am considering selling for the right price, with my Monolith MC3 w/TiN burrs, and all accessories. I'm not desperate, so the price and arrangements will need to be right. No shipping, cash sale with a digital down payment needed unless local.

I have customized the L1, vibe pump/water reservoir with matte black powder-coated side panels, feet, and drip tray, and added heat shield inside. I purchased preowned from a member and I have had it for a few years (little use) with no issues and I use filtered water. I changed the piston seals to silicon ones and also took out the heating element, descaled, put in a new gasket, pressure relief valve at the same time, and put a better vibe pump in, I still have the original one. It runs great, no problems, I just don't use it much anymore. We do more pour-over coffee than espresso.

I am in central IL, Springfield Area, and would need to meet up or you can come to my house to check over everything.

I would like $1,500 for machine only. Mono MC3 $1,750. Package price $3,200 with Pesado 58.5 wenge wood tamper, wood tamping stand I made, ArtPresso Primo leveler/dist tool w/walnut top, Londinium dist tool, dosing funnel, and frothing pitcher. 2 bottomless Londinium PF with misc baskets, a few styles of group shower screens, blue silicon group seal, extra silicon Loxeal for seals, see pictures. I DO NOT want to sell the Monolith separate, unless someone buys machine first, since I can still use the machine until grinder sells. I only have the MC3 for espresso.

Let me know if I left out details, I can add. I'm looking for more pictures. I took many as I did work and of the interior.

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