[SOLD] Lelit MaraX with Flow Kit (Vancouver Island)

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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PRICE LOWERED June 22 2021


Purchased in Dec 2020 from iDrinkCoffee with VST basket ($2,089 tax included), and used 2X americanos/day. The unit is in immaculate condition. I've backflushed and cleaned regularly.

Included in the purchase price:
• Flow kit and Lelit pressure gauge from Edika in Canada. (purchased in Dec 2020. $496 tax included).
• ECM bottomless portafilter (purchase Dec 2020. $109 + tax)
• St. Anthony's levy tamp (purchased June 2020. $198 tax included)
• St. Anthony's distribution tool (purchased June 2020. $198 tax included)
• 2X Cafelat gaskets

I have the original box for shipment if needed. I'm located on Vancouver Island.

I'm asking $1,500 CAD,....a savings of over $1600. The machine is now more expensive, so it's actually a savings of $1700+ CAD.

UPDATE: Shipping to Canada only. Buyer pays for shipping. Please PM if you're interested.
UPDATE #2: I found out through iDrinkCoffee that the warranty is transferable, and therefore there is still 1.5yrs left on the 2 yr parts and labour warranty (Until Dec 20, 2022). iDrinkCoffee will pay shipping costs (via courier) both ways in the event of any servicing that needs to be done.

NOTE: I had this up a month ago, and had to pull off unexpectedly due to out of town work. I apologize for the inconvenience for those who showed initial interest.