[SOLD] Lelit Mara w/Extras

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.
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Lelit Mara PL62S-T. 5 years old. Original owner. Excellent condition. Never had any trouble with it. I have always used conditioned water, so scaling is minimal, if any. Comes with 2 portafilters.
It has Eric's thermometer installed, and I replaced the OEM ULKA pump with the quieter OLAB pump that is used in the Mara-X. Also added IMS shower screen. Extras include:

Baristapro 15 and 18 gram baskets
IMS 10g single basket
Blind basket
58.3mm tamper
Distribution tool
OEM shower screen
Magnetic portafilter funnel
Cafiza for backflushing
2 spare Cafelat gaskets 8 and 8.5mm
Shot glass with handle
Cleaning brushes
Collapsible funnel for filling water tank
Several spare gaskets and spare internal parts
User manual

$600. I would much prefer pick-up or meet-up as I no longer have the shipping boxes (don't ask). Metro Detroit Area. Willing to drive a bit for the sale. Feel free if you have any questions.