[SOLD] Lelit Mara PL62S

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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Selling my Lelit Mara PL62S-T from 1st Line Equipment. This model is discontinued. Bought in late 2015. Only used RO water in the machine and not used frequently. I bought the machine for a mobile coffee truck and the machine was used heavily until the trailer was in a wreck a few months after opening. Now I only use it for parties as I don't drink espresso daily.

Every time I use it it works great without issue. The pressure gauge for the steamer doesn't work, but it still steams beautifully and can keep up with multiple lattes in a row.

Asking $900 (if shipped, buyer pays shipping+insurance). Please provide your ZIPCODE so I can estimate the cost for you. I can take Zelle/PayPal/Cash/etc.... we can work something out. Open to Zoom/or any video chat to finalize details!

Lelit Mara PL62S
(1) Lelit Portafilter Handles with Double Spouts
(1) Lelit Double Basket
(1) Lelit Blind Basket
(1) Lelit Original Manual
(1) Lelit Plastic Tamper

Additional items that I purchased separately will be included:
(1) All Metal Tamper (I never used the plastic one it came with as it felt flimsy to me)
(1) Milk Frothing Pitcher
(1) Espresso Cup
(1) Frothing Thermometer

Will be shipped according to Seattle Coffee Gear's video.