[SOLD] Lelit Bianca V2 CA- SAC Area

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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Hi all -
I'm in a bind - my espresso machine team has too many super stars and in this recent draft round, I added a DE1 Pro 1.4 to my all star squad. I hate to do it, but my Lelit Bianca, 1 year old, is up for sale.
I'm asking $2,250 plus actual shipping costs. I'd estimate a weight of 80lbs and large sized box from 95616 to your location to calculate that. I am open to negotiation on the price but since I'm posting this here, I don't expect low-ballers upgrading from a Nespresso as I've encountered on Reddit.
The machine comes with original packaging, and all included accessories. I also have a flowjet to plumb the machine with 5gal bottles if that's of interest.
You may wonder why I have a Bianca, a Cremina Lever and the Decent - and the short answer is I've owned the Cremina since the 90's and it was my father's before that. I loved espresso but had no idea how deep the well went once one started keeping track of dose weight, temp, pressure etc. I wanted to buy a v1 Decent machine and never got around to it - then was attracted to "flow profiling" and wanted a rotary pump dual boiler and found the Bianca to be a better spec than most other "shiny" E61's. Once I got the Decent however, the Bianca simply isn't used.
Maybe this scratches an itch for you? If so - please message me. I will be 100% transparent and answer all your questions - I intend to stay active here in this community so the last thing I want is a deal to go sideways.
I'd prefer local pickup, but can ship - however, I would be worried about shipping damage - but that's just me. The machine works PERFECTLY at this point has no damage and has had the screen and gasket upgraded. Regular back flushing etc. Only used 3wave water - no exceptions.
I hope this message finds you all well. Thank you for your consideration. PT

...better make it a double!
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