[SOLD] Lelit Bianca

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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I am posting my lovingly used and maintained Lelit Bianca for sale. I no longer make milk drinks, so the dual boiler's capability is wasted on me, but it makes fantastic espresso, an amazing latte and does a great job steaming milk.

I purchased the unit new in Oct. of 2019 from Clive Coffee. It will come with an IMS nanotech shower screen installed and original Lelit shower screen, both in excellent condition, as well as 2 Cafelat silicone group gaskets (red 8mm installed and blue 8.5mm) for head space adjustments and a 20g VST basket. I will also include the original parts, accessories and plumb kit (unused) and will ship in the original packaging from Lelit and Clive.

Unit is in excellent condition and perfect working order. Other than normal use, it only has one small scratch on the Lelit logo on the front which occurred during the original packaging / shipping from Lelit / Clive. I have always used filtered and softened or bottled non scale water and religiously checked the water quality to avoid any scale build up. I cleaned the unit after every shot with a water flush / Espazzola brushing and daily water back-flushes.

Plenty of great reviews on the Bianca so I will only confirm how amazingly capable the machine is no matter the roast level or style of espresso. I've even used it to make excellent pourovers. The rotary pump is very quiet and the OPV valve is super easy to adjust on the outside of the unit for simple tweaks to peak pressure. Finally, although I never plumbed it in, I love the modular / removable water tank for the flexibility it adds to the footprint of the unit.

Would like to get $1900 PayPal plus the actual cost of UPS insured CONUS shipping to the new buyer's address. PM me with any questions.